Broken Bones. Concussions. Life-threatening injuries.

Trampolines aren't just good fun, they can also be very dangerous. So dangerous that some researchers say we should ban home trampolines all together.

A new report Thursday by the Indiana University School of Medicine says trampoline accidents account for thousands of ER visits each year -- just involving broken bones. From 2002 to 2011, there were more than one million ERvisits due to trampoline injuries.

For the study, researchers gathered data from 100 hospitals across the country. The number of ER visits have dropped, perhaps with the help of enclosure nets that are now a standard feature to protect people on trampolines.

Still, medical professionals say they would like to see fewer injuries. Dr. Randall Loder told USA Today that the best way to prevent injury is to not get on the trampoline at all.

At the same time, trampoline sales have been on the rise. According to Jump Sport Inc, overall sales were at 1.2 million a year by 2004.

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