FORT WORTH It's one of the basics we learn in school: To always speak kindly of others.

It's a lesson an Everman Independent School District principal is accused of failing to follow herself in a big and offensive way.

'I was just appalled when I read this,' said Steven Poole, executive director of the United Educators Association in Fort Worth. 'I was just shocked that this kind of language was coming from the mouth of a principal.'

Poole said a staff member from Powell Intermediate School came to him last week with screen grabs of messages Principal Mya Asberry allegedly sent to colleagues using a messaging app.

Those alleged comments were laced with profanities, putting down teachers and students alike.

Poole said he alerted the district about the issue and filed an ethics complaint with the state for the first time in his career.

State regulators were unable to comment on the complaint because it had not yet been received.

'EISD needs to really take a look,' Poole said. 'Is this the kind of person they want leading their schools?'

Everman ISD Assistant Superintendent Curtis Amos said the circumstances surrounding the text messages is under investigation. 'If the written text messages were true, that does bring a concern if any of our employees spoke with that type of language,' he said.

Amos said Asberry remains on the job at Powell; he said she has been with the district about 15 years.

We tried to get in touch with Asberry to ask if she had sent the messages in question, but she did not return our call.

The Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association confirmed that Asberry was one of 10 finalists in the '2014 National Distinguished Principal' contest, but she did not win the award.


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