DALLAS Deion Sanders' Prime Prep Academy already under investigation for misuse of taxpayer funds may be facing even more trouble.

Prime Prep's Board of Trustees held its monthly board meeting Saturday inside a locked office building near downtown Dallas.

Not only could the public not get inside, but three board members found themselves locked out of the building while the meeting was in progress.

By law, Prime Prep board meetings are required to be accessible by everyone.

Making matters worse, things got heated between one of the locked-out board members and Prime Prep Superintendent Ron Price.

BOARD MEMBER: 'You disrepsected these kids the last year-and-a-half. These kids have been mistreated,' the board member said.

PRICE: 'Are you yelling at me, sir?'

BOARD MEMBER: 'I'm raising my voice at you.'

PRICE: 'You are?'

BOARD MEMBER: 'Absolutely.'

PRICE: 'You have no business doing that.'

BOARD MEMBER: 'Well, you have no business mistreating these kids.

PRICE: 'You are the one mistreating them.'

The meeting ended immediately after the argument.

There are also questions being raised about whether advance notice of Saturday's Prime Prep Board meeting was properly posted.


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