DALLAS-- Court documents from a case involving a Dallas County judge read like a salacious Hollywood scandal.

Judge Carlos Cortez is accused of using cocaine and paying for sex. Witnesses also accuse Cortez of sexually assaulting a little girl four years ago. Yet he was never convicted of any crime and denied the wrongdoing.

News 8 obtained the court documents that had been kept sealed. They're being used as part of a defamation lawsuit Cortez filed against oneof his former lawyers.

Cortez did not want them released because the files include serious allegations against the judge of criminal misconduct and inappropriate behavior.

Crystal Haynes tearfully recalls in her videotaped deposition her encounters with Judge Carlos Cortez when he was dating her mother, Patti, and lived with them in the 90s.

'It started out as a game where he would blindfold my sister and I, and he would use foods and we would have to guess what they were,' Haynes says.

But Haynes, who was only six years old at the time, says soon the games turned sexual in nature.

'We would play the game and eventually he stopped using food and started using body parts.'

She says it went on for more than two years until she told a classmate and her mother found out.

In February 1999 Dallas police investigated the case. Cortez was never indicted or convicted and denies the allegations. But Haynes is one of two women who have given sworn depositions as part of a lawsuit involving the judge.

'I just don't understand why he did it to me, I guess,' Haynes said.

The other woman who gave her deposition is Melinda Henry, a former prostitute and cocktail waitress at Silver City Cabaret. She says she met Cortez in 2006 when he would hang out for hours at the strip club, several days a week.

Shortly after they met, she says their relationship turned sexual.

'We started seeing each other downtown at his law office and would have relations there,' Henry said.

She added that Cortez would give her money and at times use her to buy cocaine for him.

An attorney asked her during the deposition, 'On how many occasions did he personally give you cash to buy cocaine?'

She replied, 'Two or three times at least.'

She also said at times the judge would use cocaine.

Cortez and his lawyers have strongly denied the allegations, saying this is a political witch hunt and say there is no evidence any of this occurred.

A Dallas County grand jury declined to indict Cortez, after his ex-girlfriend accused him of assaulting her in December 2013.

Judge Cortez has not responded to our request for interviews.


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