ARLINGTON The hustle to get into AT&T Stadium for Monday night's NCAA Championship game turned into more of a scramble.

After behaving herself all day, Mother Nature unleashed her windy fury just as the contest was set to start. Her gusts were so strong, a 'Final Four' sign that had been anchored by bricks was blown over.

Three grown men could not even pick it up.

Until then, it had been a smooth day for people getting into the game. Lines that eventually built up didn't ruffle the feathers of Kentucky fan Jerrilyn Dyer.

'No bother... we got time,' she said.

Revving up the crowds before the game? Kid Rock. The star from the other 'D-Town' provided pre-game entertainment for fans who had tickets to the game. It was yet another event leaving an impression on out-of-towners.

'Great time! Great time!' gushed Patricia Wierzinski of Arizona. 'We were out there last night with Springsteen... we saw Dierks Bentley... we've done it all.'

And there were tons of things to do. Even as you walked into the stadium, people sunk shots, snapped selfies and slathered on face paint.

'A good luck charm,' said one woman as she painted her son's face in Kentucky colors.

It was all for the love of the game... and the memories to be made.


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