They're two little boys whose stories inspired many News 8 viewers.

Dyrk Burcie was a firefighter's son whose cancer battle had first responders and celebrities around the world sending him special messages. Then there's Trey Sampson, another boy with cancer who got his wish back in September to score a touchdown for the Balch Springs Jaguars.

Trey could be just a sad reminder to Dameon and Shelley Burcie since they lost Dyrk to cancer 18 months ago. Trey's cancer also threatens to take his life and already took one of his arms. But, when they saw Trey on the news, they didn't see just another sick kid.

'If you look in his eyes and you look at his spirit, why wouldn't you want to make this child happy?' Shelley said. 'Why wouldn't you want to make this family happy?'

After seeing Trey in a hospital bed bravely declaring that he wanted to live every day like it was his birthday, they decided to make that wish come true. They threw the boy who celebrates every day of life a real celebration with a birthday party.

'I was like my birthday isn't like until like six or nine months from now,' Trey said. 'And they were like, it was a 13 1/2 birthday party.'

It was a lot like the one they had for their own son just before he passed away at age four. Dameon Burcie is a Dallas firefighter. He and his wife have two other children.

'As a parent that lost a child, in those last moments, you love seeing your kid happy.'Dameon Burcie said. ' That's what you live for. Those moments to see your kid happy.'

Trey's mother, Kimberly Sampson, wiped away tears of gratitude upon seeing the cake, balloons and spread of gifts the couple arranged at Dave & Buster's in Dallas. Trey's siblings and friends were also invited. She said since he got out of the hospital two weeks ago he regained his appetite. He's gaining weight and seems to be doing well.

'She reached out to me because she knows the pain and she knows the struggle and she knows how it is,' the young boy's mother said.

Receiving gifts from strangers is rare and Trey said he was surprised.

'It's cool,' he said. 'It's fun.'

It may be even more rare for the gift to mean as much or even more to the giver than it does to the recipient.

'I want her to have the same feeling that we had whenever she sees her son smile,' Dameon Burcie said. 'As a parent, any time you see your kid smile it makes you happy, especially when you know that the smiles are limited.'

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