WACO Ever since construction for Baylor's new football stadium began back in the fall of 2012, it's been the talk of the town in Waco.

But after Baylor played University of Central Florida in the Fiesta Bowl, the stadium had some competition from a gleaming golden helmet.

'SportsNation voted this the number-one helmet in college football, and rightfully so,' said Baylor head coach Art Briles. 'That is a good looking helmet.'

The chrome-finish helmet worn that day became an instant hit. It was liked so much that Baylor decided to sell all the helmets worn that day for $2,000 each.

'Our guys love it,' Briles said in his office as he personally signed each and every one. 'Our fans love it, and fortunately 17- and 18-year-olds love it. It's great for recruiting, and that's the game that never stops.'

For many years, the Baylor Bears have been known for their gold-colored helmet. They wore a throwback gold helmet against Texas last fall. They also have a white helmet, and of course a black one.

But nothing compares to the reflective gold helmet they wore for the Fiesta Bowl.

'We're never going to shy away from boldness,' Briles said.

As a result, the school has put all 100 helmets worn that game up for sale as a keepsake for their Big 12 championship. The price is $2,000 -- $700 for the replacement cost and $1,300 is considered a gift to the Baylor Football Fund.

This is an idea that might just spread.

'Our guys in the equipment room were the first to come up with this,' Briles said.

Jeff Barlow is the equipment manager for Baylor, and gets credit for the hot design.

'The day we had them on the recruiting table last January, it hit social media, and it just like 'Bam!'' Barlow said.

'We want to be the trend-setters, you know... we want to be unique,' Briles added.

Of the 100 helmets, only about a dozen or so have not been sold. They've been on the market only a week-and-a-half.

Contact if your'e interested in purchasing a golden chrome helmet.


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