Flower Mound -- Camella Smart sits in her Flower Mound home sharing her reaction upon seeing her son deliver the shove seen round the sports world, 'Oh, Marcus, no. No Marcus, no,' said Smart.

Mrs. Smart spent most of the weekend in the hospital dealing with a kidney issue, so she wasn't able to watch the game in which her son Marcus shoved a Texas Tech fan, prompting a 3 game suspension handed down by the Big 12.

When she finally spoke to her son, 'He said mom I'm sorry. I apologize,' said Smart. 'Marcus knew the moment he did it that it was wrong.'

Smart says her son felt heartbroken because he let his team down, adding no matter what the Tech fan told her son, Marcus shouldn't have crossed that line.

'I told him take it like a man and accept your punishment,' she said, 'because if he was at home with me or got in trouble then he had to accept the punishment I had for him.'

Duncanville head basketball coach Kenny Boren coached Smart at Flower Mound Marcus and says it was a teachable moment for a 19 year old dealing with losing and sub-par play for the first time, really. Add on his Mom having to go to the hospital, and while its not justification, the extra emotional burden he felt was part of the explanation of why Smart boiled over.

'Its ok to play with emotion, but not be emotionally drunk where you're not in control of your emotion,' said Boren. 'Tough players and tough teams don't let outside things get to 'em,'

Meanwhile, Camellia Smart says now that she's held her son accountable, she also offered this motherly advice.

'We have to move ahead,' she says. 'The things that you hear, you let it go in this ear and and come out this one. We're going to move on with life.'

Smart told his Mom he's learned his lesson, and after what happened against Texas Tech he'll have plenty more opportunities to prove it.


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