We spend a lot of time cracking on DISD for stuff they don't get right. This week, a pat on the back.

It's our Uncut commentary.

A lot of parents were upset Dallas Independent School District didn't close Thursday, as some other districts did.

I think for their students and staff, they made the right decision for a couple of reasons:

First, it's not as if the kids were still at home getting dressed to go to school when all the bad weather started. They were already off the roads, in class, and (hopefully) learning. And forecasts indicated the snow would stop before the end of the day.

DISD officials believed it made more sense to keep the kids safe in school and off the roads rather than put them back on buses and streets to traipse back to their homes -- some of which , because mom and dad have to work, would be empty.

It's also easier for the parents who, when a district does have to call off school, have to make emergency arrangements to make sure their child gets home safely.

It's not say that the districts that did close were bad. They, too, made the right decision based on the conditions for their specific community.

DISD students, others may be making fun of you now because you had school and they didn't, but just wait until make-up time comes. Then we'll see who's smiling.

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