It may have been a beautiful Saturday afternoon, but the high fire danger proved all too real across North Texas.

Firefighters battled several brush fires, including one in Flower Mound. The first flames were reported before noon at the Northshore Trail adjacent to Grapevine Lake.

The fire charred about 15 acres of land.

No homes were in immediate danger, but several cyclists were. There was a race on the trails, and some cyclists were still riding as the flames spread.

'At lest the wind was laid down and fire wasn't advancing rapidly,' said Flower Mound Fire Chief Eric Metzger. 'Sometimes it's a challenge to get accountability where everybody's at and make sure that they're clear of the area of the fire.'

All of the riders were safely evacuated, and while the fire was extinguished, firefighters stayed behind to watch for any hot spots.

WFAA meteorologist Ashton Altieri said there will be an elevated fire danger in North Texas for the next several days as humidity stays low, afternoon temperatures remain mild and there is some wind.

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