FORT WORTH Fort Worth celebrated the city's place in aviation history on Saturday.

The Fort Worth Aviation Museum dedicated a state historic marker commemorating the first powered flight in Fort Worth on January 12, 1911. That took a lot of effort more than a century ago.

'A group called the Moisant International Aviators came here on trains,' the museum's executive director Jim Hodgson explained. 'They packed up the airplanes, and then they'd have to rebuild them every time they got to a location, and they put on a flight demonstration.'

There are plans to turn the historic spot at 2700 Mercedes Avenue into First Flight Park, which will include a sculpture of that Bleriot XL demonstration aircraft soaring into the sky.

From that first flight in 1911, Fort Worth has become one of the premiere aviation centers in the world, with the headquarters of American Airlines, Meacham International Airport, Alliance Airport, the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base and Lockheed Martin.

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