WISE COUNTY The family of a 41-year-old Wise County father of six says he is the latest person to die from the flu. Chris Waskom died after multiple trips to the hospital.

Family members said he came down with a cough and a fever the Saturday before Christmas.

On Christmas day, he went to the hospital and doctors told him he had bronchitis, his wife Lacy Waskom said.

'Several days passed and he wasn't getting any better,' Waskom said.

They took him back to the doctor, but were told it was the same thing. The flu tests, they said, came back negative.

On New Year's Eve, things took a turn for the worst. Waskom says her husband took a nap and when she went to check on him, he was dead.

They still didn't suspect the flu until the medical examiner called and blamed his death on a mixture of influenza and pneumonia.

'We were all stunned,' she said. 'It's crazy, a perfectly healthy 41-year-old man with no medical conditions at all, comes down with the flu and passes away while taking a nap. It's crazy.'

Waskom was training as a minister at the Open Range Cowboy Church in Krum and had a heart for the youth. He leaves behind six children between the ages of nine and 19-years-old. The church has opened up a fund in Waskom's name at the Sanger Bank.

'It will not be the life that the kids and I or the family is used to, but we will cope with that,' Lacy Waskom said. 'And we will deal with it as time goes by. I went and got a flu vaccine yesterday morning. It's scary.'

The flu has killed 18 people in Dallas County, two in Denton and one in Tarrant so far this season.

There has been an account bank account set up at the Sanger Bank.

'Chris Waskom Family Fund'
Sanger Bank
P.O. Box 1029
Sanger, TX 76266


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