The ice that brought North Texas to a crawl is gone, but the problems continue.

'Today, it just shows that the package is being held for intercept processing,' Jennifer Wasserman said, looking at an online tracker.

Wasserman, a salesperson for a hotel chain, has been working for days to track down thousands of dollars worth of packages she ordered last week. They're gifts that she hopes to get to her clients before the end of the year.

''The receiver will pick up at a UPS store at their convenience, this must be within five business days,'' Wasserman quoted from the website.

She said the process has not only been frustrating, but a distraction for her and a team of employees.

'I am laughing because I am trying to get it since Tuesday,' she said.

'If you want to call this the perfect storm, it occurred at a time when we were ramping up with the heavy seasonal volume,' said Susan Rosenberg, a UPS spokesperson.

Wasserman isn't alone. The ice storm brought treacherous road conditions for drivers, but it also brought rolling blackouts for service centers.

That means long after the storm is gone, a significant backlog remains for UPS.

'Everyday, sorts continue and new package detail is updated, and we have been out for delivery in all areas in the metroplex,' Rosenberg said.

UPS is dealing with such significant backlog they have brought in resources from around the country, adding additional trailers, 23 charter aircraft, and 900 managers from around the country to supplement the local workforce.

As for Wasserman, she will continue to wait.

'I don't know that we'll lose clients, but nobody wants to get a gift late,' she said. 'It's like when you have a birthday gift that you give to somebody. It means so much more when you give it to them on time, versus after their birthday.'

This is a problem that all major carriers have encountered. According to a FedEx spokesperson, they have 'resumed near normal operations in the Dallas Metroplex despite the ice storm earlier this month.' But they do add that limited delays may occur due to heavy holiday volumes.


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