IRVING -- It's been a week where the Dallas Cowboys defense has been taking all the blame for the loss on Monday night because they failed to stop a single drive.

'A couple of different times this year, we've had some bad games -- some games where we didn't do what we need to do on defense, and we made the corrections and we played better,' said Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett. 'We simply have to do that again.'

When the Cowboys defense fails to perform, it puts a lot of pressure on the offense. Time-consuming drives to keep the ball out of the opponent's hand is one way to alleviate that; sounds simple enough, but it doesn't always turn out that way.

'We feel that we've let them down a little bit,' said Cowboys offensive coordinator Bill Callahan. 'We need to score more and take advantage of every opportunity we get.'

'I just think you have to out and execute, and if the game needs to score more points, then you have to do that,' said Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

Romo has been a very productive passer throughout his career. No quarterback has thrown for more yards in his first 100 starts. But this season has already featured two of Romo's worst games, in terms of yardage. This week's loss to Chicago stands alone at the very bottom, passing for a career low 104 yards.

'I think if you just keep going by the past, it can help you by thinking of past experiences, but it's a different football team, it's a different time, we need to go out and do it,' Romo said. 'We need to go out and win and we need to play better than we did on Monday.'

'I think we've made some tremendous strides in the area of running the ball in the last few weeks,' Callahan said. 'What we've done in the red zone, I think we're second in the league in red scoring, so that's a real positive sign. We came out of Monday night's game with no penalties and no turnovers, so there is something positive going on in a lot of respects.'

All positive signs that won't mean thing, if they don't win.


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