Plano lost a valiant firefighter this week. He was rookie, joining just a few months ago.

There was no out-of-control blaze; no car wreck or plane crash that took his life. In fact, Cooper Anderson was only 13 years old -- an honorary firefighter sworn in back in May.

Cooper lost a battle to a rare form of brain cancer.

This is his family's first Thanksgiving without him, but Cooper fought bravely for nearly a year, inspiring everyone who knew him - including our Collin County newsroom staff.

They were there that day in May when Cooper was sworn in to the department, in which his father is a lieutenant. That day his family said Cooper was beaming; excited at the chance to ride in the same seat his father sits.

Well, this weekend, it is those who knew Cooper Anderson who are beaming. They miss him, certainly, but they're proud to have known him, to have shared time with him, and looking forward to spreading the light and the joy that this remarkable 13-year-old Cooper passed to them.

Our condolences to his parents, and our thanks to them for sharing Cooper with us.

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