IRVING Just like their most explosive player, Dez Bryant, the Cowboys' offense showed the type of resiliency against the New York Giants last Sunday that's a must in a playoff push.

'Just go win the game,' said Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, 'It's just time. Go win the game.'

That was Romo's message just before the 64-yard game winning drive that drastically changed the complexion of the 2013 season.

The offense geared up just in time, led by Romo and Dez Bryant, who despite a drop and fumble earlier in the game rebounded to come up big in the clutch. Bryant made three catches, including a pair for first downs, on the game-winning drive.

'Just got to keep doing what we do,' Bryant said. 'Keep believing and understand everything is not perfect, but you can get it right and make it right and you can build from it.'

With a defense that's ranked dead-last in the NFL, what you saw at the end of the Giants game was certainly a promising development for the Cowboys. Because for them to get back to the post-season, you'll most assuredly have to see another one of those game-winning type drives.

'You just need to go out and do it,' said Romo. 'It's about execution. It's about keeping your head just doing the right thing at that specific time and that specific play.'

Bryant concurs. 'You make plays, it's a confidence-booster,' he said. 'You want to take that and add on top of it and other guys to feed off of it, and I think that's exactly what we're going to do.'

That's the plan. We'll see if the execution is as good as it was late in that Giants game.


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