ARLINGTON Five days ago, first baseman Prince Fielder gave his approval for a trade that sent him to Texas and second baseman Ian Kinsler to Detroit.

On Monday, Fielder explained why he approved that trade. 'I thought it was going to best for both teams best for me, best for the Tigers,' Fielder said. 'You know, I'm a team guy, and I just said, 'OK.''

By his standards, Fielder had an off season last year. When he reports to Arizona for Texas next spring, he'll be staring his 10th season in the Major Leagues.

'You can call it a fresh start,' Fielder said. 'It's got to be fresh no matter what. Plus, I don't know, last year it was last year everybody was on me a little bit by my performance, rightfully so. You know I sucked; I didn't have to be reminded of it. So hopefully, we can make some better memories here.'

'I think it all depends on what he's trying to get fresh,' Rangers manager Ron Washington said. 'He's coming to an organization that he's never been in before, and I think from afar he liked this organization. I think we've got a way of doing things over here that his character and his demeanor fits well.'

Fielder wore No. 28 when he played in Detroit, but when he comes to Texas, he'll be wearing No. 84. You can call that a fresh start as well.

'It's a new start, I guess, and 84 is the year I was born, so you know it's just fresh,' Fielder said. 'I think it works.'

It'll work as long as he keeps hitting the long ball. As for Washington, adding Fielder to his lineup was like an early Christmas present.

When asked what else he has on his Christmas wish list, Washington replied: 'I'd like a number one pitcher, a number one catcher and a number one left fielder.'


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