FORT WORTH Jazz music drifted across the new Sundance Square Plaza in Fort Worth as crews tested the dancing water fountains.

Soon, jazz will give way to carols as Santa finds his way to the plaza on Main Street, just south of the Courthouse. It should be a dazzling holiday display in the center of downtown.

And Sundance Square officials promise that this year, the Christmas tree will be on time.

'We won't have a snafu this time,' said Sundance marketing director Tracy Gilmour. Last year's tree was a day late because of miscommunication, she said, which threw off the welcome celebration.

'I just talked to them and they're cutting the tree today,' Gilmour said Wednesday.

She said a beautiful 55-foot blue spruce from a private owner in Lake City, Michigan will begin its journey to Fort Worth on Thursday. It is scheduled to arrive in time for a ceremony at 9 o'clock Monday morning.

'No, they don't have GPS; not that sophisticated,' she laughed. But Gilmour said she'll be calling to check progress of the big shipment every day.

When the tree does arrive, anchors built into the new square specifically for the tree will hold it in place with cables attached to decorated 10-foot columns. It will be centered over a power source, removing the need to run electric cables..

Gilmour said last year's tree was not only late, it wasn't even the tree they picked out. The owner changed his mind at the last minute.

'They filled the order with a back-up tree,' Gilmour she said.

You get the feeling they didn't mind grinding it into New Year's mulch.


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