DALLAS -- Drivers will soon have a new option when it comes to battling rush hour traffic - pay more for less congestion.

That's the concept behind the new 'TEXpress' lanes coming to North Dallas next month.

The TEXpress lanes will be available to drivers for a three-mile stretch of the LBJ Freeway spanning from west of Greenville Avenue to east of Preston Road.

'This transportation system is to increase the reliability and the expectation of your traveling in the corridor,' said Michael Morris, the director of transportation for the North Central Texas Council of Governments. 'You should be able to go 50 miles per hour if you want to, any time of day.'

Drivers will pay more to enter the lanes during peak hours and less when traffic is crawling; anywhere from $0.30 to $0.75 for the three-mile stretch. It's all part of a complete rebuild of one of the most congested parts of North Texas.

This is a part of the LBJ Express project along Interstate 635. Crews are working to double the capacity of the freeway by 2016.

Construction on the 16-and-a-half mile project will total $2.6 billion, with $490 million coming from the Texas Department of Transportation and the rest from private public partnerships. It's the first comprehensive development agreement project signed in Dallas County.

'It is just a new way of managing traffic,' said Robert Hinkle with the North Tarrant Express project. 'There are a lot of departments of transportation all across the country, as well as investors that are looking to see if this public/private partnership and this thing we call 'managed lane networks' actually work.'

While the lanes should open next month it, could be another six months before we start to see prices of the toll lanes start to change with the flow of the traffic.


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