FORT WORTH News of a deal to end the government shutdown did not necessarily send federal workers jumping for joy.

Mike Tullis works at the Social Security Administration office in downtown Fort Worth. He got furloughed for a week, then ordered back to work.

But like 800,000 other federal workers, he has not been paid.

Tullis isn't sure when he'll see his next paycheck.So he says Wednesday's announcement that a deal was at hand 'lightened the mood' at the Federal Building, but that was about it.

'We'll have this fight again in a couple months,' he said. 'Who knows what will happen?'

Tullis like many other federal workers has been struggling to pay bills. He got his credit union to defer his car loan, but he said he could get no short-term delay on his mortgage, only a long-term modification.

So he borrowed money to cover the gap rather than risk dinging his credit rating.

Most major lenders said they are working with affected federal workers on a case-by-case basis.

Meanwhile, Tullis said the shutdown will change his spending habits in the future. He said he'll spend less and save more... for the next time.


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