LEWISVILLE There's a late bus that takes students home from after-school activities in Lewisville. It arrived in the 800 block of Lakeside Circle around 6 p.m. on September 24.

A 14-year-old girl stepped off the bus and began walking to her apartment complex. She felt like someone was watching her.

She was right.

'She took note of a white car following her,' said Lewisville police Capt. Jay Powell. 'Then, when she got to her apartment, she realized someone was following her on foot. He yelled something like, 'Come here!''

He was on her heels first walking, then running. Near the stairwell to the girl's apartment, he grabbed her and pulled her to the ground, Powell said.

'He pulls her shirt down, says something of a sexually explicit nature, and at that point she hits him in the face, knocks his glasses off, which takes his attention away,' Powell said. 'She gets up and gets away, and he flees at that point.'

Evonna Waller's apartment managers immediately put up a notice warning their residents about the crime, which they said happened at the complex across the street. Evonna has young children and has been frightened.

'I was really shocked. I didn't know what to think,' she said.

Waller has been on alert since hearing the news. Now the rest of Lewisville can be, too.

Police said they waited to warn the public until they had a sketch. Without it, Powell said, the description was vague: Hispanic man, early 30s, glasses, medium build, dark hair, white vehicle.

At the time of the assault, the suspect was wearing dark green scrubs and black shoes.

'Everyone needs to be aware of their surroundings,' Powell said. 'It sounds like she was aware, and it put her in the mental state to react when something happened.'

'Probably the biggest lesson is to be aware of your surroundings and be prepared to react if you have to,' he added.

Police hope the sketch will lead to the suspect's arrest. Anyone with information should call the Lewisvile Police Department's Tip Line at 972-219-TIPS or Denton County Crime Stoppers at 800-388-TIPS.

'Hopefully he gets caught and he'll be behind bars... and nobody else gets hurt,' said neighbor Kim Whatley.


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