Maybe we should convince Miley Cyrus to run for Congress or president. Then, at least we could get people to pay more attention to their government.

It's this week's Uncut commentary.

Say what you want about the twerking 21-year-old, the grown-up Hanna Montana draws more attention from potential voters than health care and the government shutdown combined.

That's part of the reason we're in the trouble.

Both parties claim a mandate that only they speak for the people, and most adults have just tuned it all out.

As we get closer to Oct. 17 and the debt ceiling deadline, you will pay more attention. Because by then, Wall Street will chime in and that will affect everybody's pocketbook in some form or fashion.

For now, what we get from both parties are circus acts. Politicians 'storming the barricades' to open the World War II memorial or complaining about cuts to head start -- everything but passing a budget.

If we could just see a pole-dancing democrat or a republican rump-shaker, maybe that might get your attention.

See what I mean?

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