Are you a chef in the kitchen or just learning to boil an egg? It doesn't matter if you have the right app.

The 'How to Cook Everything' app is one of the best apps available for those who want to learn and those who have been in the kitchen for years. The full version of the app is packed with 2,000 recipes from Mark Bittman's famous cookbook by the same name.

The app walks you through essential cooking techniques like grilling, roasting, poaching and even cooking rice, before the rice cooker. The 'How to Cook Everything' app gives you information on essential equipment like knives, pots, and pans and other kitchen tools.

The recipes are categorized for easy navigation.

There is an area where the cook can create a shopping list from a recipe. So, at the grocery store, it's easy to pull up the list and purchase what you need.
You can also share the recipe on the web, send it as an email or add it as a favorite.
The 'How to Cook Everything' app is $9.99 for the full version with 2,000 recipes. There's also an 'essential' version available in the iTunes store for free and a vegetarian version at a cost of $9.99.

FOODily is an app with good looking food pictures.

FOODily is like combining Facebook and Pinterst, but it is for food. There are a number of great looking pictures pinned to the front of the page. The app allows users to follow some favorite chefs, much like on Facebook.

The recipes come from various chefs, magazines and books. Click on a recipe and it will give you the ingredients and thumbnails of others who love the recipe. Also, on the bottom it will share the website, magazine or book where the recipe originated.

FOODily is available on iTunes and Android play market for free. There's also a web site that is easy to use once you set up your account.

Got a 'Burning Food question'? Then the FOOD52 app is the right one to download.

Get food questions answered by experts and other users. It will get you through a dinner party disaster before anyone even knows there was a disaster. Also, you can help others by answering questions with your own kitchen knowledge. FOOD52 is free in the iTunes store.

There's also a web site. is one of the best user-curated food sites around. The recipes are gourmet, but accessible, and nicely vetted by users. Also, the ability to save a recipe that interests you is simple.


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