BURLESON -- The music is tense and dramatic. Children scream. Shots are fired.

The video plays like a Hollywood movie trailer.

Not exactly "Star Wars" -- there are no stars in this film, and the war is for souls.

The whole thing was shot with one camera by members of Retta Baptist Church in Burleson for $25,000.

"It was raised in one day, said Pastor Chuck Kitchens. God just gave it to us."

And that s from a small church -- only about 300 members.

"I've been in ministry over 30 years. I've seen Christian films all that time. Most horrible," Kitchens said.

So he said they wanted to make an edgy film.

It's called "My Son." It deals with sex, violence, drugs, racism -- and faith.

Kitchens expected about 300 pastors and church leaders from across north Texas for the premiere Friday night at Venue 510 in Burleson, but he's got a problem.

"As a matter of fact, we just last night got our MPAA rating. And it was 'R,'" he said. "And that was a shock."

He says the R-rating was for drug scenes. He hopes a few changes will get it down to PG-13.

It would be difficult to ask pastors to recommend R-rated movies to their flocks. But, then again, everything about the production has been difficult.

Volunteer non-actors filled the roles. Amateur writers wrote the screenplay. "My Son" took a year to edit by the church member who also directed it.

"Our whole goal when we made this movie is to reach people who are unchurched," Kitchens said.

He said more people watch movies than will ever hear sermons on Sunday, and pointed out that Sherwood Baptist Church in Georgia has managed to put several Christian movies before large audiences.

So Retta is working with a promoter to put My Son in theaters across the country, if churches will sponsor it.

It might be a David and Goliath battle to do that... but we know who won that one.

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