Every time Michael Winnick drives to DFW Airport, he says detour signs along the billion dollar DFW Connector project are sometimes hard to spot.

"It just makes you more accident prone," he said. "I can't imagine what its like in rush hour."

He said the direct-connect ramps currently under construction are particularly puzzling.

Recently, Winnick said, the detour on Highway 121 was closed and completely confused him.

Now, he's demanding that the Texas Department of Transportation make some changes.

"Get more signs better signs, quicker signs so that you don't find you can't get off a particular exit and it's left for you to figure out how to get where you want to be," Winnick said.

News 8 spoke with NorthGate Constructors, the firm overseeing the expansion project. They admit the southbound Highway 121 off-ramp to DFW Airport closes periodically, but insist that when it is, the signage posted is visible and can be seen both day and night.

Our news crew drove the route and easily spotted the detour, along with the signage.

But Winnick warns its wasn't during rush hour, and we certainly didn't have to navigate against five full lanes of traffic to make our exit.

"If you are in a time crunch, you're probably not going to think really quick, and you are going to try to get over to the lane you need to be in," he said. "Because of the speed, you will have less reaction time."

Construction for the DFW Connector should wrap up early next year. Until then, experts advise you drive the posted speed of 50 mph or less in the construction zones, limit use of electronic devices and pay attention to the roadway and signs.


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