DALLAS SuperintendentMike Miles has received awarning shot from the Dallas Independent School District Board.

Dallas School Board President Eric Cowan on Tuesday laid down eleven rules Miles is supposed to follow, now that he's being investigated regarding whether he broke district rules and attempted to shut down an internal investigation.

Among the rules:

  • Don't interfere with the investigation.
  • Don't intimidate DISD employees.
  • Don't interfere with investigating attorney Paul Coggins.
  • Don't talk about Rebecca Rodriquez, who started the probe with questions about how a $219,000 contract was let.
  • Communicate only with school board Vice President Lew Blackburn, who says trust between the board and Miles is tenuous.

"It (trust) is not as great as we would like for it to be," Blackburn said. "But it's not down to zero. So I think individual trustees have a different level of trust right now."

Miles remains on the job, even as some have accused him of interfering in an early stage of the investigation. Others question whether he should be placed on administrative leave until its completion.

Blackburn said district policy requires the superintendent to place employees on administrative leave.

The superintendent in this case would probably not make the decision of placing himself on leave, so that's another area the board might want to look into as far as revamping or remodeling our policies, Blackburn said.

The letter to Miles ends with a dire warning: Break any of the rules involving the invstigation and you could lose your job.


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