PLANO A Plano wife and mother who was attacked in her home is dead, and police say they know who sent her to the hospital.

Amon Dzwairo was arrested on Friday. He is in custody for aggravated assault.

But that was before his wife died on Saturday morning.

Charges could be upgraded, but police are going to wait to make that decision.

Investigators spent all of Friday and some of Saturday searching through the victim's 2,700 square foot home in the 700 block of Player Drive, near The Courses at Watters Creek.

On Friday, Plano police arrested her husband, Amon Dzwairo, and charged him with aggravated assault coupled with an immigration detainer.

His bond was set at a $250,000.

Police would not say whether the charge would be upgraded to murder. That determination may come on Monday.

Syed Reza, a neighbor in the Chase Oaks subdivision, knew something was up. He took his camera out to find investigators canvassing the yard.

"They were taking a lot of pictures, and they had a car parked close to mine and they were just going through it," he said.

Neighbors knew very little about Dzwairo or his wife, who were new to the neighborhood this year.

Heather Henderson would see their two children in the front yard, but not often.

"You could tell he was very strict," Henderson said. "You could tell he was no one to mess with. I mean, he ruled the roost... period."

Neighbors learned bits and pieces about what happened after talking with investigators. Henderson said she just can't believe her neighbor is dead.

"I just feel so sad for her. I prayed last night that she either go quickly or come back with little pain," Henderson said.

Plano police said investigators are waiting for a medical examiner's report to find out how the victim died. That information could be available on Monday.

Dzwairo is being held at the Collin County Detention Center.


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