FLOWER MOUND -- They're loving, playful, and just three months old.

Dan and Braille seem to be normal kittens, but they have a rare condition.

"They were both born with a condition - a problem - where their eyes didn't develop all the way," said associate veterinarian Susan Brashear with Main Street Veterinary Hospital in Flower Mound.

The kittens are blind, and their eyelids didn't grow normally, either. They both fell through the ceiling of a Flower Mound office building, only to be brought in by a Good Samaritan.

"When the first kitten was brought in from the local business, we found the problems -- it was unusual," Brashear said. "But when the second one was brought in, it was quite surprising."

The two kittens could regain eye sight as they grow, but for now they just need a little TLC.

"They're happy, and don't seem to have any idea there is something wrong," Brashear said.

The goal is for both cats to be adopted together. If you would like to adopt, or donate to future medical bills, call Main Street Veterinary Hospital at 972-355-0008.


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