It s not easy to be president -- especially when you consider the older the republic gets, the less people seem to play by rules of even moderate decorum. And I mean both sides.

It s this weeks Uncut commentary.

It s the gum runners who are ruining politics in America.

Listen closely; not gun runners, gum runners on the far left and far right. Always talking, and selling books of half-truths to people too lazy to do their own research to determine what s true and what s not.

Back when George W. Bush was president, nearly every day, I received an e-mail that said something like this: It was George Bush who knocked down the Twin Towers. Osama Bin Laden was framed for the 9/11 attacks to cover-up US government crimes against American citizens."

You can still find that stuff floating around the internet to trap people who don t want to think for themselves.

Now daily e-mails from the fearmongers looks more like this: President Obama has signed 923 executive orders while in office in an effort to take power from the US House and Senate. That s more than all his predecessors combined.

The peddlers of that stuff may claim to be from different parts of the political spectrum. They re not.

Most of the time in politics, it s the weakest minds that have the loudest voices. They just shout just to hear themselves.

Remember: Beware the gum runners!

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