FRISCO -- There s fear Monday in one Frisco neighborhood. Some homeowners are even considering moving out.

A string of suspicious fires - with no suspect in custody - has neighbors more than nervous.

The fires have all happened within just a few blocks of each other in the Grayhawk subdivision in the western part of the city. The latest happened Sunday morning.

Homeowners in Grayhawk say they always considered their neighborhood safe, but with each fire, their feeling of security is eroding.

"One of the main reasons we moved here was for safety of our children," said Lacie Blair, who lives a few houses down from the most recent fire. "And it's very concerning that this has happened, and it's been so frequent."

The latest suspicious fire destroyed a home that was vacant and for sale. Two other houses under construction on nearby Viola Drive were destroyed in late May and early June. A car was intentionally set on fire in a driveway on May 23.

"I m concerned about my children being home," said Tamara Maxwell Davis, a Grayhawk homeowner. "Lucky for me, I'm a stay-at-home mom. So I'm here most of the day."

Blair and her husband are taking steps to make their homes more secure.

"We've already put up some extra security cameras outside of our home," she said. "And this week, we'll have some more in the front. We're urging all of our neighbors to do the same thing."

One homeowner, who didn't want to appear on camera, told us he's putting his house up for sale so he can move to a gated community, where he believes he'll be safer.

"You don't expect it here," Davis said. "But should you expect it here? Yes, you should expect it anywhere."

Frisco fire officials say it's too early to connect all four suspicious fires. They're urging neighbors to keep a watchful eye and report anything suspicious.


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