GRAPEVINE - Crews once again called off their search Friday afternoon for a missing man at Grapevine Lake. They will resume Saturday morning.

The 21-year-old college student disappeared at about 5 p.m. Thursday. He was one among 60 guests on a party boat that made multiple stops at swimming areas around the lake, fire officials said.

During a headcount at the final stop at Silver Lake Marina, the boat's crew realized one person was missing.

"He was confirmed to be with them after the first stop," said Grapevine Fire Chief Steve Bass. "And when they got to the second stop, he was confirmed in the water. But no one could say if he was on or off the boat when they left there."

Searchers have been focusing on an area near Mustang Island, where he was last seen on a second stop. Crews searched late into the evening Thursday, but suspended their efforts once it got dark.

Bass said the water in the area is about 40 feet deep.

"It's a relatively clear sandy, muddy kind of bottom here," he said. "Typically in this area there are not a lot of obstructions."

Searchers are using sonar equipment and have divers on standby.

Late Friday afternoon, crews saw something they described as a "point of interest" on sonar, but it was not the missing man.

"Frequently, there are false alarms," Bass said. "This is not a science. It's truly an art. So we'll see."

The man is from out-of-state, but attends a university in North Texas. Grapevine police say his family arrived in town Friday afternoon and asked them not to release his identity to the public.

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