ARLINGTON -- When the fertilizer plant explosion rocked the City of West, Rangers designated hitter Lance Berkman wanted to help out.

Three fire trucks were destroyed, so when someone suggested donating a fire truck, Berkman made it happen.

"The main thing is just to get them something they can use," Berkman said. "The fact that they put my name and number on it, I guess, is just an additional bonus."

Two of the lost trucks have already been replaced, so Berkman's generosity brings the city back to full strength. The Arlington Fire Department knew where to find a truck that fit the need.

"We found this one - got it here - restoring it in one of our stations and we're donating some equipment that we have," said Battalion Chief of Arlington Fire Rescue Bill McQuatters. "The crews have been cleaning it up, polishing it and stuff, and getting it ready to go."

Last year, Nelson Cruz donated a fire truck to his hometown in the Dominican Republic. Now, the City of West is getting help from Lance Berkman. It's a town that's close to his heart, since he was born 20 miles down the road in Waco.

"Certainly when it hits close to home like that, it has an even greater impact, so it s something that I m blessed to be able to do and be in a position to be able to do things like this to help people," Berkman said.

"Fortunately we make a pretty good living playing the game of baseball, so we have the ability to help out," said Rangers outfielder David Murphy. "We have an unselfish bunch of guys that are willing to help in the community."

"Impressive," said Rangers General Manager Jon Daniels. "I actually didn't realize he had grown up down there. It's a pretty neat deal for him to reach out to the community."

The truck still needs water hoses to be fully operational, an addition that Berkman says he'll take care of.

It'll be given to the City of West during pregame ceremonies Saturday night.


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