DALLAS Sen. Ted Cruz got a standing ovation Sunday morning during an address to the congregation at First Baptist Dallas.

The Republican lawmaker was a guest speaker during the church's "Faith In America Today" series, in which Cruz discussed the responsibilities of Christians.

He also talked politics from the pulpit, offering examples of what he believes are intrusions on religious liberty like the recent IRS scandal which revealed the taxing agency had targeted conservative groups.

"The IRS likewise asked another group, 'Tell us the content of your prayers.' I really wish the the response had been, 'Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do,'" Cruz said.

The senator went on to say the simplest and most direct solution is to abolish the IRS, a notion which brought the congregation to its feet.

Cruz, who is considered by some to be a potential Republican candidate in the next presidential race, also criticized Barack Obama on health care.

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