DALLAS One-hundred thousand tomatoes could make a heck of a lot of salsa.

But on Sunday afternoon, it provided the raw material for a very saucy Tomato Battle at Dallas Fair Park.

This promised to be the food fight of a lifetime... and it delivered.

Tomates ripe for the picking (and the tossing) were flying everywhere when the battle began at 4 o'clock.

"It's brutal!" said participant Cary Story. "It is brutal," agreed Erin Harper.

They agreed that they wish they had brought better goggles with them. Both also suggested that good footwear is essential.

"Don't wear flip-flops, people!" Story urged.

It was all in good fun, and everyone was a winner.

Except for their clothes.

"We are coming next year... more prepared," Story and Harper both pledged.

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