SAN ANTONIO -- A suspected serial killer wanted in Louisiana and Mississippi was arrested near Canyon Lake by Comal County authorities.

Sheriff's deputies took 73-year-old William Felix Vail into custody Friday, after a lengthy investigation into Vail's wife's murder back in 1962.

Vail had told authorities then that she had accidentally fallen from a boat in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and drowned.

The case, however, was re-opened last May; her death was ruled a homicide after a medical examiner confirmed the woman was likely choked to death before hitting the water.

Authorities say they have also connected Vail to the disappearance of two other women: his longtime girlfriend Sharon Hensley (who disappeared in 1973), and another wife, Annette Craver Vail (who disappeared in 1984).

Vail is the oldest suspected serial killer in US history.

He was transferred to Louisiana and remains in custody.

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