DALLAS Jurors heard more heart wrenching testimony Friday as they prepare to decide the fate of Naim Rasool Muhammad, the Dallas man convicted of drowning two of his three children.

On Wednesday, it took the jury just six minutes to find him guilty of drowning his two sons. The murders happened on the boys first day of school in August 2011.

Investigators say Muhammad was upset about the end of his turbulent relationship with the mother of his children, Kametra Sampson. He kidnapped three-year-old Elijah and five-year-old Naim and their mother as she was walking them to school.

She later escaped, but flagged down a constable. No Amber Alert was issued.

Sampson testified in the trial for a second time during the sentencing phase. Muhammad faces the death penalty or life in prison. She began her testimony detailing how she was molested at the age of eight by one of her mother s boyfriends.

Despite reporting the abuse, Sampson said her mother did nothing and accused of her of making it up.

She told jurors how she met Naim Muhammad as a 15-year-old high school student. At 25, Muhammad was 10 years older. They quickly began an intimate relationship. Sampson said she believes Muhammad knew that she was underage.

She said Muhammad began physically abusing her about two weeks into the relationship. Sampson eventually dropped out of school and began spending more time with Muhammad.

She became pregnant with her first child, Naim at 16.

Sampson said Muhammad reacted violently when he learned she was pregnant, beating her savagely in an effort to force her to miscarry.

She says he asked her to get an abortion, but she refused.Later, she said he would try to force her to drink bleach or end the pregnancy with a wire clothes hanger.

While Muhammad stayed at home, Sampson said she worked full time and was forced to hand over her paychecks to him. She said he would often use the money to gamble and that arguments about money were common.

After prolonged abuse, including a beating she says she suffered because she burned rice, Sampson finally got the nerve to leave him in December 2010. That move forced her to drag her three sons from shelter to shelter because they had no place to live.

She eventually began working as a prostitute, placing ads on Craigslist in order to support herself and her sons. When asked by prosecutor Tammy Kemp if she could have done anything differently the day Muhammad drowned the two boys, she gave a chilling answer.

I think if I had done something different that the outcome would have been worse. Sampson said breaking down in tears. We d all be dead right now.

Sampson has one surviving son, Jeremiah.

The defense has argued that Muhammad does not pose a further threat to society and that he does not deserve the death penalty.

Testimony will resume next week.


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