WACO Former West paramedic Bryce Reed, who is in federal custody for allegedly possessing materials used to make a pipe bomb, has waived his arraignment and will plead not guilty.

Reed was due for a detention hearing in Waco's U.S. Magistrate Court No. 3 at 2 p.m. on Wednesday. That appearance has been indefinitely postponed, according to an agreement with federal prosecutors.

Reed's attorney, Waco-based Jonathan Sibley, declined to reveal a reason for the postponement, only saying "it was by mutual agreement between the government and Mr. Reed."

"I can't comment on the specific reasons on why we deferred it," Sibley said. "It was by agreement, and it was in our best interest to do that."

Sibley would not tell us what had changed, but he maintained that Reed is innocent; is not a threat; and is not connected to the April 17 West fertilizer plant explosion.

"The local officials have said nothing happened... that this is not connected," Sibley said. "We have said that it's not connected. The only thing that's connecting him is speculation. It's unfair."

Reed, 31, was indicted on Tuesday on a charge of possession of an unregistered firearm. Reed has denied involvement in the explosion at the West Fertilizer Co. that killed 15 and injured more than 200.

Authorities have not linked him to that blast.

West EMS fired Reed two days after the explosion. News 8 has learned he was let go because he was acting as a media liaison after the incident, and continued to do so after being told to stop.

Meanwhile, federal prosecutors are standing by their complaint, accusing him of having the components of a pipe bomb.

When we asked if other charges charges would be filed against Reed or if anyone was else was being investigated, prosecutors offered no comment.

Reed's attorney wants the government to disclose their evidence. "It's time for them to make a statement," Sibley said. "If they think he had something to do with it, then say that; show us what you have. Our community deserves that. If they don't, they need to say that as well."

At a news conference scheduled for Thursday afternoon in West, investigators are expected to announce their findings as to the cause of the deadly explosion.


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