Q: Why does Channel 8 constantly interrupt programming for news that could be told at the news hour? Usually, your reporters do not know what is going on yet, so they speculate and speculate and continue to show the same picture and go over and over and over the same ground. News should not be reported until the facts are known. Speculation causes rumors and normally people believe the first thing they hear not the revised version. Special Reports or Breaking News should be life or death, or life changing situations. A building blows up in West, Texas, which is no where near Dallas/Fort Worth so why is it necessary to break into the programming when the news hour is 45 minutes away? Is this news that could not wait until 10 p.m.? What difference does it make? It all comes out the same no matter who you hear it from.


A: This message was received not long after the explosion in West. We believe it is critical to inform our viewers of public safety issues such as the one that unfolded south of DFW. The magnitude and potential far-reaching impact of the explosion demanded our full attention, which is why we devoted as many resources as we could to the story. We continue to stay on top of it too, telling stories of heroism and selflessness in the face of a very dangerous situation. And, our investigative team is also hard at work looking into details that could help prevent this from happening in other areas.

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