WEST, Texas -- As more and more homeowners in West begin to assess the damage from that massive explosion one week ago, there are more questions over the type of financial help they can expect from insurance companies and also government aid.

Jim McCoy spent part of Thursday evaluating a family home, primarily used by his son, with an insurance team.

"It probably is destroyed," he told News 8.

He said the home had some coverage, but they have no idea yet just what a payout check might look like.

Insurance groups have been working around the clock to evaluate damage to hundreds of West homes. The Insurance Council of Texas estimated around $100 million in damage occurred because of the explosion.

Some residents hope the federal response comes quickly when FEMA finally nails down a dollar figure on just how much aid will be needed.

"It's our tax dollars, so it should come back to where it started," said resident Tom Hutyra.

He and others say the town's resolve, mixed with some federal and state dollars, will ultimately make the difference in rebuilding.

President Barack Obama pledged support during a memorial service in Waco on Thursday.

FEMA officials have alsobeen on site in Westfor days now, trying to process the large-scale damage.

Mayor Pro Tem Steven Vanok assured folks this week that local officials are getting a lot of cooperation and that hopefully the process would begin quickly.

"There are some upper-tier officials [here] to help us in our process to recovery," he said.

A disaster relief center has been busy all week long helping homeowners get directed to the right agencies.


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