DALLAS -- Thursday morning, Cardinal Coach Line had five motor coaches. By Thursday night, it had just four.

Department of transportation investigators left Cardinal headquarters in Grand Prairie Thursday night after spending hours with the owners, their lawyer, and company records.

Matt Biran started Cardinal in 2007 after moving to Texas from Florida, where he had done business under a different name, records indicate. Cardinal quickly went bankrupt, but was back in business the next year.

Investigators for the department of transportation are likley not finished coming through Cardinal's records.

News 8 has learned that Loyd Rieve, the driver of the crashed bus Thursday, was at the wheel of a bus that killed a young man in 1998.

He was working for another bus line at the time. A civil lawsuit resulted. The jury placed 20 percent of the blame for the death on Rieve.

The driver survived the crash Thursday.

Cardinal has had three safety violations in the last three years, records show.

One was for a broken light, two were for record keeping, all of which are considered minor. The Federal Motor Coach Safety Administration regulates buses, and is charged with making sure they meet safety standards.

The National Transportation Safety Board investigates after a bad accident. It now has a team on the case.

Fact finding is likely to take months.


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