DALLAS - Something extraordinary is making waves in Fair Park! Anchored in the middle of the Esplanade Fountain near Centennial Hall is The Plastiki - a boat made entirely of recycled plastic. This unique sailing vessel has travelled over 8,000 miles across the Pacific to raise awareness of ocean pollution. The recycled catamaran made history in 2010 when it successfully completed the trip from San Francisco, California to Syndey, Australia. The voyage was a first of its kind and brought global attention to the South Pacific garbage patch - a swirling mass of plastic trash that is twice the size of Texas!

The Plastiki is composed of all earth-friendly, recycled materials such as 12,500 plastic bottles andEarth Weld, a bonding agent made of sugar and cashews.

The Plastiki and its crew will also play a starring role in the 3rd annual Engineering and Humanity Week in Dallas which runs through April 12, 2013. E & H Week focuses on the challenge of water supply, access, and distribution in developing countries. Many leaders from across the globe come together to explore opportunities in which engineering and sustainability can help less fortunate populations.

The Plastiki will be on display in the Esplanade Fountain in Fair Park through May before it makes its journey over to the Perot Museum. All aboard!

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