CARROLLTON Hope is what drives Ida Madison.

"I never thought it would be this long," she said.

Mrs. Madison isn't hopeful she will see her oldest daughter, Stacie, again. Instead, she just hopes to eventually discover what happened to the teenage girl.

"It horrifies me to think of what probably happened to her," Mrs. Madison said.

What happened to Stacie Madison and Susan Smalley has haunted many at Carrollton's Newman Smith High School for a quarter of a century.

The two young women disappeared 25 years ago this week.

Police long suspected a boyfriend was involved, but have never been able to connect him to a crime.

"Somebody knows what happened," Ida Madison added. "I think there's somebody out there who knows something."

This is the biggest unsolved case of its kind in Carrollton. The police department regularly rotates detectives through the records to keep fresh eyes on it, and family and friends of the victims plan a candlelight vigil on Tuesday night for the 25th anniversary to keep this fresh in the public's mind as well.

"It's not really an anniversary you want to celebrate, but definitely you want to remember it," said Janie White, a former co-worker of Stacie's.

More than 100 people plan to meet over the marker bearing Susan and Stacie's names in front of the school on Tuesday night at 7:30. The campus is located at at 2335 North Josey Lane in Carrollton.

White believes the publicity will draw out the final clue in this cold case to give Mrs. Madison the closure for which she has always hoped.


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