KRUM The Denton County community of Krum is known for its basketball.

Over the years, the boys' team has won five state championships.

So you wouldn't think that a kid from Krum would grow up to be a world-class snowmobile competitor.

One year ago, Colten Moore won the gold in the snowmobile freestyle competition at the Winter X Games. Colten, 23, and his 25-year-old brother Caleb are both from Krum, and among the best in a dangerous sport.

Asking around in downtown Krum, we found that very few people have heard of the Moore brothers, and for most, their names didn't ring a bell until we refreshed their memory.

They may not be that well known here, but they're a big deal at the X Games.

"I know that's crazy," said Krum resident Trevor McEntire. "I kind of keep up with them, but in a tiny town like this, I know they've made us known huge on the map, but they've done real well as far as snowmobiles."

This year they haven't had much good luck, starting with Caleb's serious injury. It happened on his first run of the night. He suffered a heart contusion and remains stable in a Grand Junction hospital

Later that same day, his brother Colten was also hurt. His injury was less serious, suffering a separated pelvis on the same jump where his brother was injured. Colten has since been released from the hospital.

"Well, they're in a dangerous sport," said Jimmy Newton, who sells real estate in Krum. "It s kind of like bull riding, or what have you... you've got to be pretty courageous, for sure."

You know, life is all about what they like and they enjoy," said Rajendra Upreti, who owns Outback Market in Krum.

And right now, both of the Moore brothers would like to be healthy again.


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