PLANO Plano could be next on the growing list of cities that sell liquor.

A group supporting the sale of booze turned in petitions at City Hall on Monday. They likely have enough signatures to force a vote.

If you own a restaurant in Plano that sells liquor, you can only buy it from three wholesalers in Anna, north of McKinney. But if Plano voters approve the sale of hard liquor, it could bring changes.

Under Texas law, restaurants must buy liquor from distributors in their own counties. In Collin County, only Anna is wet. Three wholesalers in that city sell their goods to Plano restaurants out of those buildings.

"It will keep all that money and taxes in the city of Plano," said Carin Kelly, who owns Kelly's Eastside in downtown Plano with her husband, Tim.

The Kellys believe allowing liquor sales will be good for businesses like theirs. "It would be wonderful to buy alcohol for the business in the area, instead of having to get it so far away, where we didn't have to pay such high prices," Kelly said.

So far, there has been no public opposition to the alcohol effort. That includes Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

"We are not prohibitionist," said Jeff Miracle, the organization's executive director for the North Texas region. "We believe in the legal, responsible use of alcohol."

Liquor sales supporters say the proposed change will provide convenience for Plano consumers, and keep up to $700,000 in sales tax revenue in Plano.


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