FRISCO Who knew that the Dallas Stars' return to the ice would create an uproar?

It started innocently enough when Dallas Cowboys staff writer Josh Ellis sent out a tweet about baseball, saying:

"Just six weeks until pitchers and catchers, everybody."

His tweet was then accidentally re-tweeted by another Cowboys employee (who thought he was using a personal account) and added the comment:

"Similarly in the category of nobody-cares... the NHL is back."

That's when the Stars picked up on it, tweeting this along with a photo of Mike Modano holding the Stanley Cup:

"At least our #9 got the job done.

"It s funny," said Dallas Morning News sports writer Mike Heika. "Being in college football, you see the Aggies and they have that chip on their shoulder. Hockey fans have that chip on their shoulder. If the Cowboys or the Mavericks or the NBA or the NFL want to take on hockey fans, they will definitely fight back."

When contacted through a spokesman, Modano said he really didn't want to get involved, and didn't want to make light of it because he has too much respect for Tony Romo.

"It was crazy, because it's two sports franchises," said Taylor Raglin, an avid hockey fan. "You don't expect them to be tweeting personal things especially to each other or about each other."

"With the Stars, it was absolutely hilarious," said Billy LeRoy, who closely follows the hockey team. "They definitely came out on top of that argument."

Rich Dalrymple, the director of public relations for the Cowboys, said the employee who tweeted about hockey has been talked to, and that the Cowboys were embarrassed by the tweet. The NFL team sent this follow-up tweet:

"Our sincere apologies for the inappropriate tweet posted accidentally to our account. Good luck this season."

"Supposedly it's humor," said Stars left winger Brenden Morrow, "but I've heard 'any publicity is good publicity,' too, so we appreciate them letting everyone know that hockey is back."

Stars president Jim Lites held out an olive branch to his gridiorn colleagues. "You know, I m not a Twitter guy... all I know is, if the Cowboys are paying attention to us, that's a wonderful thing, so we're fired up. Hope all their fans come down and see a team win."

Keep those tweets coming.


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