ARLINGTON When the San Antonio Spurs started to melt down in the fourth quarter of Game 6 against the Miami Heat Tuesday night, it brought back memories of another Game 6: The 2011 World Series.

A little bit, Rangers outfielder David Murphy admitted. Kyle McClellen (Rangers pitcher) was joking around about it.

Even Mavericks owner Mark Cuban chimed in via Twitter: Hate to say this, but this game feels like the Rangers in the World Series.

Twice in Game 6 of the 2011 World Series against St. Louis, Texas was within one strike of winning a championship... but each time the Cardinals came back, eventually winning the game, and the series.

On Tuesday night, the Spurs had a 5-point lead with 28 seconds left in regulation, only to lose in overtime. According to ESPN stats and info, in the last 15 seasons, teams with a 5-point lead in the final 20-to-30 seconds, had a 98.6 percent chance of winning the game.

I think we have to see how it ends before we fully compare the two, Murphy said.

I ve never associated that loss right there with 2011, Rangers manager Ron Washington said. No way! I guess you could call that victory pulled out of defeat or defeat pulled out of victory, whatever... way it goes.

No that didn't come back to my mind, Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus said... but he did after we brought it up.

Yeah, now that you mentioned it, yeah for sure... yeah, a little bit, Andrus said.

So do the Rangers have any advice for their San Antonio neighbors in Game 7 of the NBA finals?

Play better, Washington said. No, I tell you what I don't think you have to tell the Spurs what to do.

That's really it. Just win... win the next one and you'll be a lot happier than if you lose, Rangers 2nd baseman Ian Kinsler said.

While the Rangers were unable to win their Game 7 in 2011, the Spurs still have to play their Game 7 on Thursday, so we'll see if they can bounce back from a heartbreaker.


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