I'm not the biggest fan of The Bachelor, but not because of the dating part - it's the other stuff.

It's this week's Uncut commentary.

Let me be clear, this is not ABC's opinion or WFAA's, it's my own.

I've long had this theory that the ultimate reality show will have call-in viewers pick a man and a woman to mate and in the season finale, give birth to a child the call-in viewers will name.

It's sad because life is not a game. It doesn't take a man or woman to make a baby, but it does take one to raise one.

These shows steer into trouble when they make a mockery of family institutions.

In The Bachelor, it's okay for people compete for the attention of one person. Though I must admit, the contestants seem more like a harem.

But every season, they claim they're falling in love with a stranger after just a few days and nights on camera. They even bring them home to meet the family.

Adults know most contestants are aspiring celebrities willing to do just about anything to generate a career.

However, in our world, where five year olds see things high school seniors knew little of a generation ago, that's bad.

At least some discretion seems in order.

Look, if the people on the show want to date longer? Fine. Make a commitment to just see each other? Terrific.

But get married? That is real work that none of these so-called reality shows can ever document.

People love watching these programs, kids among them. But we can't expect children to follow our rules and our advice, if they can't follow our lead in how we life.

The dating part is great. It's that other stuff we need to fix.

Those are my thoughts, tell me yours at

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