DALLAS Greg Meece spends more than four hours a day doing rehabilitative work at UT Southwestern University Hospital-Zale Lipshy in Dallas. For him, every exercise requires an exhausting amount of pressure, energy and focus... but every step reminds him of how far he has come.

I am the most blessed and luckiest guy that I know, Meece said. It's been one miracle after another.

Two weeks ago, Meece a lawyer from Sugar Land, near Houston was on his way to Plano to meet with a client. He was on the Dallas North Tollway near the LBJ Freeway. An 18-wheeler traveling at a high rate of speed lost control and overturned. The semi-truck landed on top of Meece's car, crushing it. A camera on the tollway captured every moment.

I turned my head and I saw the truck coming over on top of me, said Meece.

The jolt that came after knocked him out.

When I came to, the roof was crushed, said Meece. My chin was on my chest. I was in this position and my hands down to my side. They were no longer on the steering wheel. I couldn't move my arms. I had this incredible pain in my back so I knew something was wrong.

Seconds after the crash, drivers raced to help him. With fuel spilling around Meece and the roof of his car caving in, the group of strangers took action. They knew time was running out.

It took three or four guys because the door was literally jammed, said Meece. ....they had to pry open the door to be able to get me out and then they pulled me out.

A woman also stepped in to help Meece. She's a former nurse. Witnesses say she took off her heels and ran toward Meece. She put her hands around Meece's neck to stabilize it until emergency crews arrived.

That's one of a series of events that not only saved my life, but it's going to allow me to walk again, said the survivor.

Meece had serious neck injuries. He was rushed to Parkland hospital. When he arrived doctors told him that they didn't know if he would ever walk again. He told News 8, he got scared the night before surgery.

I was starting to lose the ability to push (with his feet) which is a sign of deterioration and that scares you, said Meece.

Doctors performed a four hour surgery where they took one of Meece's ribs and fused it into his neck and then they brought it back into position. Meece has a scar on his back near his rib cage and another behind his neck.

Prior to the accident, nothing went right. From the moment of the accident forward, nothing has gone wrong so I almost have to say that every day has been a highlight because of the people I have met, said Meece.

Meece and his wife, Donna call all of the people they have met including the Good Samaritans and doctors, their angels. They got the chance to meet at least three of the angels who helped Meece at the crash scene, including Chris Antonson and Cynthia Koomey. They are still waiting to meet one more. They have not been able to contact the man they call angel number four.

We can't do anything for them because no words can explain or tell them how grateful we are to them, said Donna Meece. If they ever had the question that they saved his life they did.

The crash has given the Meece family a new outlook on life. As for Greg Meece, it has reinforced his faith. He has been a Sunday School teacher for the past 15 years.

I've got so much to live for, said Meece. I've got so much opportunity that I hope moving forward that I realize that every day. God has something in store for me, and my charge now is to figure out what that is, because He was protecting me and has been protecting me.

Meece is expected to be released from the hospital on Friday.


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