DALLAS -- Creth Davis and Buddy Eddie Chavez are t-shirt making duo. Seventy Five Apparel is a side business, run out of a Richardson garage.

The demand of goods from independent artists is starting to rise, explained Chavez. We would definitely love to it to be our 8 to 5 job.

Seventy Five Apparel, like so many other businesses are made in North Texas.

That means quality and local jobs.

Like Trio Design Studio. Three Dallas moms make everything from monogrammed stationary pads, to a jumbo tracing pad for pre-schoolers. Customers can it personalized for a child as he or she learns to write his name. Trio Design called it a great distraction for restaurants, think educational placemat!

If you are looking for art or stationary, Pink Pagoda is unique. 2012 is the year of the Dragon and Tangerine Tango, the color. So you will see the pattern and color repeated a lot in the prints that run around $30.

From the 3 wise monkeys, to photographs of antique pieces, the Pink Pagoda digitizes unique images using art software, and then they are printed in different colors.
Framing these images in sequences on the wall seems to be a favorite of Pagoda customers.

Have 2 Have It, is all made and sewn in North Texas. Cindy Markman is the owner.
Her favorite product is a monogrammed bunny. There's a perfect spot in the nose, to put a tooth for the Tooth Fairy.

Her blankets are made of minky, one of the softest fabrics around.
Speaking of blankets, she has a chenille throw that weighs about nine pounds of what she called delicious. And it can be put in the washer.

Each local business said it all comes back to thinking local.

We know what goes into our products, we trust our products and we stand behind them, Chavez said.

There is no mass manufacturing at Seventy Five Apparel. But there is heart, and hope, you will buy Made in North Texas.


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