Andy Gabrielson, a professional storm chaser who was featured in a News 8 profile broadcast Friday night, was killed in Oklahoma Saturday afternoon when a wrong-way driver crashed into his sport utility vehicle.

The accident happened in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 44 near Sapulpa, Oklahoma. Gabrielson and at least one other person died in the wreck that involved four vehicles.

A witness posted information on the Web site of KTUL-TV that indicates the accident was caused by a white pickup truck that was traveling the wrong way on the highway before crashing into Gabrielson's black Chevrolet Tahoe SUV.

The weather-chaser had been on his way home from Texas at the time of the crash.

On Friday, the 25-year-old Gabrielson told News 8 he had a lifelong interest in meteorology.

I saw my first tornado when I was seven, he said as he was drove his specially-equipped Tahoe through Wise County. Ever since, I've been interested in weather.

He drove all the way from Minnesota to chase storms in North Texas this week. He took News 8 viewers into the heart of one storm cell Friday night as it pummeled motorists with hail.

It would prove to be his final chase.

On occasion, he rolled one of his vehicles trying to flee from a twister. But through his fascination, he captured amazing images of nature's awesome power.

Gabrielson's dramatic footage of severe weather events was featured on and

Fellow storm-chasers on the Spotter Network were asked to turn on their GPS to light up the map in Gabrielson's memory Saturday night. The initials AG were dramatically superimposed on a map of Kansas.

Weather is ever-changing, my friend, Gabrielson told News 8 on Friday. It's why I keep coming back.


Andy Gabrielson's footage of a Tornado in Tipton, Oklahoma recorded on November 7, 2011.

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